Use your hands and dance!


This is such a fun song! And I love the band .
The video shows people dancing so delightfully and it starts with a brief history of the song and this particular dance.

Of course the new millennial is all about supersizing everything, so there was the largest Tuca Tuca dance accomplished in Italy in 2010!

But as Tuca Tuca dancing is mostly about using hands to dance, it fits right in to the scheme of things here at my blog where I aim to do more things by hand this year. If I don’t end up finding some ‘task’ for a particular month, I will use this dance as a cheat code and claim it as my ‘task of the month’! 🙂
But until then just enjoy this song and maybe dance a little.
Unless you are aiming for the next Guinness world record, you don’t have to involve around 500 people to Tuca Tuca though…

Just use your hands but don’t touch.
Express yourself but don’t judge.
Just let yourself flow with the Tuca Tuca.


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