Leap Year: Things to do

Are leap years special?
Depends on who you ask.
But what is does mean is an extra day in the year – an entire day to do things!

And ‘doing‘ is what I want to write about on this blog. Late last year while speaking to a friend, both of us realized that we perform most of our tasks on our phones or laptops and don’t really do things by hands all that much. Which then prompted us to brainstorm about cool things to do manually. And there are so many things to do!
So then I decided to dedicate the next year (2016) towards doing things every month that require dexterity. And I will be posting about each activity every month. Of course the blog is also to get back to writing more frequently so I will be posting about other, non-dexterous things as well. I intend to keep this blog lighthearted in general. And although it is already 2016 I have abided by what I decided and will be posting the monthly updates. So here is to the year of being more dexterous!


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