Clara Zetkin and International Women’s Day

  But how did it all start? It all begun with Clara Zetkin. She first proposed the idea of International Women’s Day (IWD) at the second International Conference of Working Women in 1910. She was inspired in parts by the mass strikes and protests by women workers in the U.S. And she was a prominent… Continue reading Clara Zetkin and International Women’s Day

Use your hands and dance!

  This is such a fun song! And I love the band . The video shows people dancing so delightfully and it┬ástarts with a brief history of the song and this particular dance. Of course the new millennial is all about supersizing everything, so there was the largest Tuca Tuca dance accomplished in Italy in… Continue reading Use your hands and dance!

January is for books!

The post title is misleading. Every month, infact every day is for books! But in the context of ‘making something‘, January was the month where I binded books by hand in the Japanese binding style. And, I am hooked. And by no means an expert yet. I learnt a great deal by watching videos by… Continue reading January is for books!

Haiku: Tea and Leap Days

As I start the ‘hand-made’ activity year with a Japanese art in January, I am attempting a (terrible) haiku for this year dedicated to being dexterous. Apply the mind, utilize the hands for something new, Each month.

Leap Year: Things to do

Are leap years special? Depends on who you ask. But what is does mean is an extra day in the year – an entire day to do things! And ‘doing‘ is what I want to write about on this blog. Late last year while speaking to a friend, both of us realized that we perform… Continue reading Leap Year: Things to do


I am starting to blog again after a long while. But before I start posting (and occassionally re-posting from my old blog), a few things to note. I like mountains. And, I like good grammar. So is the blog name a typo? The blog address is a result of non-availability of the domain name (montivagant)… Continue reading Montivagant